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James Weiland

Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Ophtalmology

Microfluidics & Sensors

The mission of BioElectronic Vision Lab (BEVL) is to create and translate technological solutions for visual dysfunction.

Weiland Lab



Max Wicha

Distinguished Professor, Oncology; Director, UM Comprehensive Cancer Center

Cell & Tissue Engineering

Wicha lab researchers study the biology of stem cells in the normal mammary gland and breast cancers by isolating and characterizing normal and malignant mammary stem cells and the changes in these key cells during carcinogenesis. The lab has demonstrated that breast cancers are driven by a small subcomponent of cancer stem cells. These cells are important in carcinogenesis but may also account for resistance of cancers to therapeutic agents. The lab is elucidating the molecular pathways that regulate self-renewal and cell fate determination in these cells. The Wicha lab is working with clinical investigators to design clinical trials that specifically target breast cancer stem cells. The lab is also investigating stem cells in other human malignancies including thyroid and lung cancers.

Wicha Lab



Nadine Wong

Managing Director

Administrative Team