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About the Award

The goal of the Innovator Awards is to recognize BI members who are actively participating in the research, innovation, and translational ecosystem at BI and making a difference in our community.

Four (4) Innovator Awards will be granted, with one awarded at the faculty, research staff, graduate student and postdoctoral level, respectively.


One (1) Community Innovator Award will be granted to a person (e.g., graduate student, undergraduate student, faculty, postdoctoral fellow, or staff) who is making a difference in the BI community as it relates to contributions that extend beyond the topic of their scientific work. Examples of such exceptional achievement might include creation and leadership in new programs and initiatives related to outreach, mentoring programs, diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and well-being.


Faculty Innovator Award: BI Faculty Member.

Research Staff Award: Research Staff from one of the BI research groups.

Postdoctoral Innovator Award: Postdoctoral Fellow from one of the BI research groups.

Student Innovator Award: Graduate Student from one of the BI research groups.

Community Innovator Award: Any member, including faculty, staff, graduate student, undergraduate student, postdoctoral fellow, from one of the BI research groups.

Selection Criteria

  • Contribution and achievement advancing the frontiers of knowledge and/or demonstrates high potential for translational impact.
  • Contribution and achievement making a difference in the community or in areas not directly related to area of study/research.
  • Active participation within BI and contribution to BI’s mission of interdisciplinary research and championing of BI internally and externally.

Nomination and Selection


  • Nominations can be submitted by anyone; self-nominations are also accepted
  • Nomination letter
  • Names of 2 references
  • CV of Nominee


  • Innovator awards will be announced in June 2023
  • Awardees will each receive $1,500 and be featured speakers at the next BI Research Day


Application Deadline and Submission

Applications must be submitted to zervos@umich.edu

Application Deadline: March 22, 2024

Contact us if you have any additional questions about the BI Innovator Award

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