Photo of the BI SURi students that participated in the program during 2023

Program Mission

The BI SURi program offers a unique internship for undergraduate scholars to be embedded within the Biointerfaces Institute’s research and translational ecosystem. Working with accomplished and recognized BI faculty mentors and graduate students, scholars conduct intensive summer research work to gain valuable skills for success in post-graduate studies and careers in a wide range of engineering, medical, dental, and pharmaceutical disciplines. The goal is for students to explore translational research interests and its related career opportunities.

Program Structure

  • This is a paid internship
  • The program runs of 8 weeks every year (June 1- July 31)
  • Participants will work 40 hours per week

Program Objectives

  • Teach students to think critically about the theory and application of research via experiential learning in biomedical research
  • Enables scholars to feel comfortable in a laboratory setting and increase their laboratory skills
  • Increase the proficiency in communicating scientific concepts
  • Provide guidance on how to plan for a research-related career
  • Expand the number of underrepresented and first-generation undergraduate students to consider careers in biomedical research.

Program Activities

  • Hands-on investigative scientific research directed by BI faculty
  • Seminars, equipment training workshops, and laboratory journal clubs designed to expand knowledge of scientific fields
  • Video production that will promote the next generation of summer undergraduate research scholars
  • Orientation lunch meeting and follow-up mentoring meetings
  • End-of-program presentation of research projects
  • Academic and networking activities

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