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Biointerfaces Instrument Use Policies

Users of instruements housed within the Biointerfaces Institute (BI) must be trained by BI staff on equipment usage and agree to the following policies.

The user acknowledges that as a condition of using BI instruments, they agree to:

  • Complete basic Safety Training. The specific requirement is the MyLINC course BLS025w: Chemical Lab Safety.
  • Complete additional safety trainings for specific equipment as applicable.
  • Understand the safety requirements stated by the University of Michigan and BI.
  • Read and understand the user handbook(s) for the BI instruments to be used by User. This will be discussed
  • The User agrees to follow the BI Labs’ Rules of Conduct

Rules of Conduct

  • To follow all BI standard operating procedures
  • To follow the instructions of BI staff.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the lab(s).
  • Do not eat, drink, smoke, or vape when in lab(s).
  • Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
  • Safety goggles or glasses at all times when within the lab(s).
    • This includes during training, when simply walking through the lab, when only using a computer within the lab, and when actively using the instruments and doing experiments.
  • Appropriate gloves
    • Glove material type is dependent on chemical use
    • Check chemical SDS and EHS Glove Compatibility Charts for recommended gloves
  • A fully buttoned labcoatrequired for ALL chemical handling
  • Long pants
  • Close-toed shoes
  • We recommend you also wear long-sleeve clothing


  • Recharge rates can be found on the BI Website here. Please note these rates are subject to change annually.
  • Users will be charge on actual time usage. In the event a user forgets to login or logout of the instrument, the user will be charged for the full-amount of time the equipment was reserved for.
  • Please note that we have different rates for Internal UM users, external academic partners and external corporate partners.

Guidelines for Publications and acknowledgements

  • All users should acknowledge the Biointerfaces Insitute Nanotechnicum in their publications (journal papers, conference presentations etc). For papers, a suggested acknowledgement reads: “This work was performed in part at the University of Michigan Biointerfaces Institute. The authors acknowledge the financial support of the University of Michigan ____and the Biointerfaces Institute for use of the instruments and technical assistance.” For presentations and posters, you may just list the Biointerfaces Institute with your other acknowledgements.
  • If you have used the following instruments, the following additional acknowledgements are required:
  • Confocal (Grantor agency, #grant number)
  • SIM (Grantor agency, #grant number)
  • QTOF (Grantor agency, #grant number)



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