Neuroregeneration and Cognition Challenge Seed Fund Awards

Posted on 12 Aug

Neuroregeneration and Cognition Challenge Seed Fund Awards

The Biointerfaces Institute (BI) is pleased to announce its funding selection for the recent Challenge seed fund competition.  The Neuroregeneration and Cognition Challenge was the ninth hosted by BI and was organized in collaboration with the Michigan Neuroscience Institute (MNI).

This event brought together over 50 researchers from BI, MNI, Engineering, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Dentistry, the Medical School and other units to discuss challenges and opportunities for translational approaches to address neuroregeneration and cognition.  The seed fund competition aims to provide funding for new collaborative research projects, stemming from the Challenge.


The BI and MNI will be distributing $240,000 in seed funds to catalyze the following four new interdisciplinary collaborations to address neuroregeneration and cognition. The funded projects include:


A new generation of neural activity reporters for genetically intractable neuronal populations

  • Wenjing Wang (Chemistry), Bing Ye (Cell & Developmental Biology), Joanna Spencer-Segal (Internal Medicine)

Bispecific TrkB agonist antibody delivered across the blood-labyrinthine barrier to treat vestibular synaptopathy

Deep brain stimulation-induced local evoked potentials for asleep intraoperative directional functional mapping

  • Enrico Opri (Biomedical Engineering), Daniel Leventhal (Neurology and Biomedical Engineering)
Skin-adhesive wearable electrodes for neuromonitoring, brain disorder diagnosis, and treatment

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